Create Your Own 3 x 5 LITRES Kit

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The EZ Car Care Create Your Own Custom 3 X 5 LITRE Kit—a unique opportunity to tailor your car care routine and unleash the full potential of our premium range at an unbeatable price! A combined price of up to £159.99, this exclusive kit can now be yours for only £39.99

Why settle for the ordinary when you can create your extraordinary combination? Mix and match from our selection of top-notch EZ Car Care Products to craft a personalised kit that caters to your car's unique needs. This is your chance to experiment with our diverse range and discover new favourites.

Choose from an array of exceptional products, including:
✅ Citrus - Pre Wash
✅ Ember - Luxury Car Shampoo
✅ Viper - Alloy Wheel Cleaner
✅ Sub Zero - Alkaline Snow Foam
✅ Arctic Meltdown - PH Neutral Snow Foam
✅ Eliminator - Paint Cleansing Panel Wipe
✅ Ultimate - Concentrated APC
✅ Geo Gel - Foaming Wheel Cleaner
✅ Wheel Armour - Wheel Sealant
✅ Fusion - Ultra Hydrophobic Sealant
✅ Gloss Boss - Quick Detailer

And now, introducing our latest additions to the lineup:
✅ Insta Gloss - Gloss Enhancing Wax Additive
✅ Extreme Snow Foam - Advanced Snow Foam
✅ Surf - Clay Lubricant
✅ Ghost - Hybrid Spray Sealant
✅ Gentlemans Club - Luxury Car Fragrance