Quartz Crystal Ceramic - Si02 Carnauba Wax

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Finally, a wax that gives you the best of both worlds – the protection of a ceramic coating and the amazing water beading properties of a beautiful handcrafted wax. Our Quartz Crystal Caranuba Wax is created from a blend of complex Si02 polymers that are used in our Quartz Collection Ceramic Coatings. This means that it will give you long lasting protection against the elements, while also making your car's paintwork look incredible!

This innovative wax blend binds to the cars paintwork, resulting in a finish that is incredibly water repellent. So if you love the look of water beading and sheeting, this is the wax for you! Not to mention, the high gloss levels will leave your car looking better than ever.

Whether you're a professional detailer or a passionate car enthusiast, Quartz Crystal Caranuba Wax is sure to exceed your expectations.

How To Use:

For best results fully decontaminate the vehicle before use. With a wax or any sealant preparation is key. This is so that the polymers can adhere to the paintwork giving you the best results. 

Use an alcohol panel wipe to remove any residue from the surface and apply a thin layer of Quartz Crystal directly to the paintwork. Because this is a high content Si02 wax, work 1-2 panels at a time. 

Leave for 4-6 minutes to dry to a haze. An easy way to check if the wax is ready to be buffed, is to do a finger swipe to see if the carrier solvents have evaporated allowing the wax to cure and adhere to the surface. 

Once fully cured buff away with a microfiber cloth to a wet looking gloss finish. Quartz Crystal has progressive curing polymers, this means the water behavior and beading will get better over time.