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What is car paint contamination?

Noticed a rough feel or discoloured surface to your car? You’ve likely spotted the tell-tale signs of car paint decontamination, where the surface work has become marked, scuffed or stained. The main causes are often broken down into “organic” and “inorganic” - and at EZ Car Care we’ve got great solutions for both!

Organic: These are inevitable, naturally occurring contaminants like tar spots, honey dew and bug splatter. Often causing jarring discoloration and streaks, they’re pretty easy to spot.

Inorganic: Slightly harder to detect, this variety affects car paint detailing at a deeper, more ingrained level. Industrial oversights like an oversprayed paint layer; metal fallout and high temperature exhaust fumes eating away at the surface all fall under this bracket. 

How to decontaminate your car paintwork?

Here we stock fully-equipped paint decontamination kits, complete with glue and tar remover for erasing excess marks; Reigning Iron for fallout removal as well as panel cleansers, alloy wheel sealant and luxury shampoos - all in all, a box of scouring tricks.

Our solutions work in tandem to remove residue, and our clay bars, when used with clay lubrication, are great for picking up any last granular specks. It goes without saying, that each piece of kit should be used to target specific areas and in moderation too.a

So if it’s a paint decontamination kit you’re looking for, look no further than our comprehensive selection here - we’ve got unmissable prices to boot!