Snow Foam & Pre Wash

Why is snow foam important?

Everyone has seen their car coated in a foamy igloo at some point, yet there’s a genuine cleansing method lying behind these snowy suds.

Essentially, snow foam car shampoo is a high foaming detergent whose surfactants and specialised cleaning agents make up the signature snowy liquid.

The cleansing components cling to the paint surface for longer, leading to a more thorough cleaning rate. This generated foam then works fiercely against the traffic film, dirt and dust - by ‘degreasing’ contaminants so you can wash them effortlessly off your paintwork.

How to use snow foam?

During your car pre-wash phase, one of the easiest ways to spread the suds is by using a high-powered foam lance. A great pressure washer foamer can control the water to snow foam ratio easily (this exact figure being something to double-check on manufacturing labels) and offer a smooth coating across the car.

So for shimmering, streak-free results, shop some quality pressure washer snow foam, foam solutions and pump dispensers at EZ Car Care!