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Why do you need a car wash mitt?

The days of tired, lacklustre sponges and messy buckets are gone; for a pristine surface finish you’ll need a high quality car wash mitt to hand.

Made with soft, ultra fine microfibres it’s their ability to retain and hold waves of soapy suds that make any EZ Car Care wash mitt stand out. They gently lift and trap all manner of dirt without leaving a trace on your delicate paintwork.

Their elasticated cuffs offer a firm, comfy grip too, so it’s never been easier to skim easily over your car surface and target those stubborn buildups.

Microfibre or wool wash mitt?

When finding the right wash pad, the devilish detail is the fibre materials. On the plus side, a microfibre wash mitt is extremely long lasting and reusable, though their fibres tend to be shorter. The theory being that the longer the fibre, the more distanced lifted scum is from the paint work, therefore reducing chances of repeat contact.

Wool fibres, on the other hand, though their elongated fibres make for a very delicate approach, tend not to have the sheer extraction power of a microfiber mitt.

So whatever your preference, buy a brilliant quality wool or microfibre wash mitt from EZ Car Care today. Our low prices are hard to beat!

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EZ Car Care- Blue Microfibre Wash Mitt High quality Microfibre wash mitt made from ultra fine microfibre that is super soft and perfect for use on all areas of the vehicle. The microfibre wash mitt...