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The backwash of road grime seems to get everywhere, but naturally facing the brunt is your wheel alloys. The silvery surface can often be buried beneath the build-up of dust, which is why we’re proud to create an alloy wheel cleaner that works wonders. You can buy a fantastic selection of gel-based and non-acidic wheel cleaners, rim cleaner, wheel wax, specialised iron fallout remover and tyre creams here at EZ Car Care:

Wheel Cleaner & Wheel Wax Guide:

What’s causing discoloration?

As your car drives around, it will accumulate an array of road film, brake dust, grease, hot iron contaminates and much more - essentially a toxic brew of grime that can build up, harden and bury your brand new alloys.

How to use alloy wheel cleaner:

Armed with your cleansing solution and a detailing brush, there’s a final decision to make before you start applying. If it’s iron fallout you want erasing, then apply our fallout remover liberally and wait until the fast-acting formula turns the contaminants a purple colour.

For stubborn build-up, our gel foam and Viper non-acidic are both brilliant non-caustic formulas, clinging to dirt relentlessly while ensuring no paint damage. Finally, your wheel wax - or tyre and trim cream - just needs a handful of drops on an applicator before you’ll witness a glossy sheen emerge.

So for simple, rapid cleaning solutions and superior tyre dressing, shop an alloy wheel cleaner today - also take advantage of our brilliantly low prices!

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