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Baked-on brake dust is as charming as it sounds: a hardened amalgam of dust, dirt and road grime that gathers around your alloys, burying their shiny surface beneath. At EZ Car Care we believe a thorough excavation is the best solution - and by using our brilliant tyre creams and wheel sealant you’ll have those wheels glistening in no time!

Why use tyre and trim cream?

Quality tyre creams exist to give a matt sheen to tyre walls and exterior trims; not only a luxurious touch but a protective layer against the inevitable grime of motorways, city roads and byways. Above all else, our solutions truly last the journey, with just a few layers you can expect around 3-4 weeks of lasting protection.

Make the most of your wheel sealant:

Our Wheel Armour sealant acts like a firm barrier wall; it’s the solution that offers a potent defensive punch against kicked-up road contaminants, providing approximately 4 - 6 weeks worth of solid protection. For clear results, apply with a microfibre applicator - a steady, gentle approach coating in even layers will do - and, finally, buff or slide off excess residue with a microfibre cloth.

If you’re a perfectionist when it comes to car care, then shop our incredible selection of alloy wheel sealant and tyre creams online now at EZ Car Care - we have cheap prices across everything, so you can’t go wrong!

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