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How can I make the most of car shampoo?

A vigorous all-over scrubbing method to car care, though well-intentioned, isn’t really the best approach: before you apply your fast-action mitts to paintwork, you first need to loosen or lift dirt clumps with a high quality wash and wax car shampoo.

At EZ Car Care, our supercharged pH neutral solutions not only generate luscious suds, but are safe, easy to use and guarantee a pristine finish. You can rest assured your beloved paintwork won’t be tarnished in the process!

Why wash and wax shampoo?

The core benefits of wash and wax is their infused additives which add a short sealing layer to the paint surface. So if you notice strings of water beads trailing down your car, you’ve spotted their major plus point: this film means water runs off easily and makes for a super efficient drying time.

So for shimmering, streak-free results, shop some quality pressure washer snow foam, foam solutions and pump dispensers at EZ Car Care!

And if you’re using the tried-and-tested two bucket method too, try our microfibre mitts and drying towels. These are absolutely scratch and swirl-free, so there’s no unevenness or jarring surface patterns to your work.

Shop our fantastic selection of wash and wax car shampoos, nifty wash mitts, buckets and grit guards and more today - our cheap prices are really hard to beat!

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