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Car Paint Sealant Explained:

With quality waxes and car sealants seeming interchangeable, it’s sometimes hard to know the nuances of each solution - and how they best operate.

For a cinematic shine, car wax is a great buffing product, but factors like durability and strong protection are also vital. Car paint sealant, on the other hand, can last for up to 6 months, and save tonnes of cleaning time and effort in the process.

Other differences are related to their composition: car wax is a natural compound, whereas car sealant is a synthetic polymer formula. All in all, their advantage is basically one of chemical wizardry: their slick, stylish results and durable coat are a great pairing.

Guide to preparing your paint surface:

At EZ Car Care our great range of panel cleansers, wax removers and auto paint sealant, and gloss kits make the ideal chemical companions for a deep clean.

Prepare your surface with our Eliminator cleansing panel wipe to remove surface oils, then introduce your chosen automotive paint sealant. Offering roughly 3-4 months durability, our Fusion Hydrophobic spray sealant leaves a great beading effect. Alternatively, our Hybrid spray sealants - offering up to 6-8 months - combine the best of both worlds: sealant polymers and wax additives.

Remember there may be some diligent upkeep needed, and we’d recommend you routinely wash using pH neutral car shampoos to keep up the strength and integrity of the sealant.

So for brilliantly competitive prices across all our automotive paint sealer items, shop online today for your essential cleaning kitbag!

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