Window & Glass Care

Car windows can be lashed with the full force of rain shower and sleet, all of which leave streaks in their wake. At EZ Car Care any of our interior and exterior window and car glass cleaner can rectify any slide patterns left after a drizzly day: our specialist auto glass cleaner is simple to use and contains fast-acting rain-repellant tech.

Another hallmark of quality car window cleaner is their versatility, the ability to work well with plastic, perspex and acrylic, whilst retaining a streak-free record across all materials.

How does car window cleaner work?

The secret ingredients in any reputable car glass cleaner are the hydrophobic agents: those chemicals that are strong enough to wipe away grime and haze, yet leave the paintwork untouched.   

Our hydrophobic agents work over time too by forming a protective coating that’s able to rebuff rain at speeds as low as 30mph. All car glass requires of a cautious cleaner, across all panels, is to spray the glass or car windscreen cleaner in an even layer and then remove with a special microfibre mitt.

So waste no time buying your windshield cleaner for sparkling windows today - you’ll struggle to find a better deal online!

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