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  • InstaGloss - High Gloss Wax Additive Review

    I was lucky enough to get one of the earlier prototypes a couple of months back of this product, and my word when I used it I was impressed! My car had a serious lack of cleaning and looking after due to other commitments and the great British weather being against me. When applied it looked insa... View Post
  • Geo Gel - High Foaming Gel Safe Alloy Wheel Cleaner

    **EZ Car Care - Geo Gel, wheel cleaning gel** ..REVIEW.. So over the past few days I have been testing this product on various vehicles, all of different dirt levels (light, medium & heavy soiling etc) & the product came good on every occasion, this Wheel Cleaner is not like any other cle... View Post
  • Gloss Boss - Quick Detailing Spray Review

    So for the past few weeks we have been testing gloss boss from EZ car care which people has been saying this is the best quick detailer on the market so we thought we would see what all the hype is about and put the product to the test. So demo vehicle for this review will be a basalt black 996... View Post